Our mission

Our mission is to be every rider’s first choice and best friend. We want to be the obvious choice for both training and competition for you and your horse. We want to challenge the equestrian fashion industry with innovative thinking and design. We’re ready to run, are you?

Our values

Our values are clear. You ride better in style. With innovative equipment, you and your horse have easier to perform and focus on what actually matters. We want to be part of your journey in the same way that you are a part of ours. Let’s work together to reach new heights.

About us

Photo: Tilda Josefsson


We are very happy that all our photos are photographed by Madeleine Andersson from Diamantfoto.se

With an eye to detail and outstanding feeling, Madeleine reverses our images to magic. Visit her website and take look in her fanatic archives.

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