Breeches in the past

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It’s Madelene, owner and founder of Maya Delorez who writes. I will now present our new concept that we will try 2019. Since we in team Maya Delorez are a gang of real horse lovers and know that our customers are the same, we are going to start a blog where we write about what we like most – horses and equestrian. We will write about our own products and also general tips. We hope you will like this. We give it a chance anyway!

In this first post, I intend to discuss a bit about breeches based on my own thoughts and opinions. We sometimes get to hear when we are out on fairs if we don’t have any “real breeches”? Okay, then I think, you mean those with hard waist, zipper that breaks, velcro in the foot ends and hole in the crotch after 6 months? Just kidding, but it’s one of the main reasons why I started Maya Delorez. Because of all the problems I had during the years with breeches.

I am going to show you how my breeches have looked back in time:

3,5 years old, finally started at the riding school. The first few years I just had a pair of soft pants. Simple, comfy and cheap. When I was 5 years old I got my first real breeches. Mom bought them on the local market, not because they were nice, just because they were cheap. Reason: “Maybe she get enough and stop riding one day”. The material was thick, the waist was hard and the Velcro scratched on my vrists. My straight undeveloped girl-body had problem to keep the pants up. Solution: using a belt

Stylishly matched with red soft pants and yellow rubber boots.

8years old I should finally be able to attend my first competition. Blueberry jumping as it was called. It was time for my first own white breeches. I thought . My all too financial mother had still not left the thought about “she might stop one day”. So I got a pair of long underwears instead… Same as breeches she said, joke. There I rode my first competition in long underwear from a normal clothing-store. The most nervous thing now was that someone would understand that I rode in a pair of long underwear.

The long underwear made a success clear round and looks absolutely flawless 😉

12 years old just got my first own c-pony, so happy. I remember how I could spend hours in horse catalogs to plan future purchases. Checkered breeches were the shit at the time. Remember how it almost hurt in the whole body because I wanted to have a couple of them so much. After many wishes, I finally got my first own brown-checkered breeches. Two sizes to big. Because it was just that ones on the sale.

Besides my checkered pants, I had also had a real lion hair, stylish..

The years went by and I never lost interest. I broke one breeches after other. Grandmother fixed the holes in the crotch, some riding pants contained almost more patch pieces than ordinary fabric. But a pair of breeches should not be thrown until they were completely exhausted. About the age of 14 it became important to me that it was “Branded pants”. The thing that stood between me and a nice brand-breeches was the price. I walked around in all riding shops and searched for red patches. I remember once when I made a real strike, just the pants I dreamed of sitting on the hanger in front of me, with a red price tag! Quickly I run into the test room, they were perfect! Satisfied with the day’s real strike, I walked up to the checkout and laid them on the counter whereupon the clerk says -Oh my boyfriend also has these, he loves them! Out of the store I went and thought, this, we don’t say to anyone.

Training in my “boyfriend-breeches”.. About the outfit,  I leave it uncommented.. 

About 16 years old I found my favorites from a well-known brand, the price tag was about two study grants. Sustainability about half year. I rode 2 horses a day and I barely lost the feeling of having a new pair of new breeches before it was time for a new pair. The hard waist on the pants cut into the stomach. Still have to say that I was relatively satisfied with the fit of the breeches because it was a downpipe tube jeans with 2 cm high waist that was modern to have in school.

Det finns ingen beskrivning tillgänglig för fotot.

The bran on breeches on both training and competitions was given.

20 years old I got enough, it was time to find new alternatives to traditional breeches. I began to look around, on spare time I walked around in training tights that were normally used at the gym. Once I tried riding in them and quickly realized that “this was not so bad”. At the same time, I started Maya Delorez (more about this you can read HERE). What I experienced as a problem with ordinary rides was that it was too ” slippery “, more resistance was needed. As a solution to this, I took inspiration from what was already established in the equestrian market – silicone grip. Training Tights + Silicone Grips = Comfortable breeches.

Bild från vår absolut första fotografering. 1 månad efter lanserade vi. 

The result of this is Maya Delorez’s first breeches LUNA GRIP FUNCTION BREECHES. I have searching for breeches with a thigh pocket for a long time but have not found anyone on the market. So when we designed LUNA a pocket was a requirement from my side. From the beginning we had a zipper to close it with but when we found out that the pocket don’t need to be closed by a zipper we delete it and let it just be a pocket where you easy can put down your phone to.

This model on breeches is available in two colors, gray and black. Soon we will get some more colors in stock, it will be so fun and show you.

68.00 inkl.moms
68.00 inkl.moms

I hope you will appreciate this kind of content. If you have any thoughts and ideas about what you would like to read about, you are most welcome to comment on this post or email us at and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.



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