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It’s time for a new post. This time we going to introduce you into to our absolute bestsellers. This product has been with us from the start and has become a true signature product for us. Today, this model is available in two colors and soon you can find them in more colors, let’s talk about that later on.

Of course we talk about our LUNA GRIP FUNCTION BREECHES

The idea when we developed these was to challenge traditional breeches. We wanted to combine comfort, technology and design. We will now explain a little about these and about our thought during the process.


We asked the question: What is needed to get good comfort on a pair of breeches? Material, fit and quality are three crucial factors. When we searched for materials, it was important for us to find a durable material that breathes and is quick-drying. We also wanted to find a material that is easy to keep clean and that keeps fit through many washes. This things maybe sound very obvious but not at all so easy to combine. We tried several different types of materials to finally find a mix polyester and spandex that we was satisfied with. The mix gives a feeling of a second skin on the body, follows movement smoothly and keeps fit for a long time.



We have focused a lot on what is needed and what we felt a lack of. On our breeches we have a high waist to give the rider good comfort. The waistband is wider then normal just to be able to support the core-muscles. It gives a nice and steady feeling while keeping the breeches in place. Four-way stretch in the material makes them feels like a second skin. The four-way stretch also gives a feeling of support by shaping around the entire leg.

We also felt a lack of pockets for storage. Therefore, we have made two pockets on each thigh that are big enough to be able to fit all mobile phone regardless of size. Because the material stretches it is keeping the phone in place during the whole ride. It’s not only as a practical way of storage, it’s also as a security issue to always have the mobile phone with you during the ride. We all know that the accident can quickly occur because we work with animals and often ride by our self. In the summer when it is warm and everything you wear is a t-shirt and breeches, this is a smooth way to avoid a waist bag.

We have also developed three different variants with silicone grips that you can choose from so that you can choose the one that suits you and your riding best. Neutral, half-grip or fullseat grip. This varies from rider to rider what you like and what you need. If we are going to generalize a little, we make a quick guide below in case you are unsure of what suits you best.

Neutral: Completely without silicone. Suitable for riders who prefer to be “free”. Which freely wants to be able to move the knees and position in the saddle. Also suitable for anyone who wants to be able to use their breeches as both riding pants and training pants.

Knee-patch grip: The silicone only extends over the knee. Mostly appreciated by showjumping riders who want to be able to get out of the saddle easily and only feel a need for support for a steady leg position.

Fullseat: The silicone goes all the way up the butt. Appreciated and used mainly by dressage riders to get support. Provides a firm grip in the saddle that helps you stay in place even on horses that move a lot. Used extensively by all-rounder at all levels. We also usually recommend full grip to young riders at the beginning of their career.

We sometimes get the question of whether silicone grips can damage the saddle. Our silicone grip leaves no markets in the saddle. Before the first wash, the silicone grip is sticky which decreases after a wash. The silicone is stays in place good, but something that can be good to know is that it is worn over time because of the daily friction.


We probably don’t exaggerate if we say that we riders are pretty vanity. Comfort and technology will not compromise away the importance off a good design. Our thought has never been to have a extremely sticky design. We focus instead of having a classic elegance and combine it with modern materials and elements. We want to keep a line that appeals to a broad audience but also put our own mark on the products.

Our GRIP FUNCTION BREECHES are available in two different colors LUNA (black with grey seams) and INEZ (gray with black seams). Classic colors that we designed with outlying seams on top of the pocket in stylish way. We also placed our logo in gold over the pocket opening and MAYA DELOREZ name logo on the back waistband.

The design of these often attracts attention and is often the first thing our customers fall for before they discover how incredibly comfortable they are. Many customers also find it difficult to ride in other breeches after trying these. Obviously, we are biased but fully prepared to agree. 😉


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