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When we develop our collections we always think that all products should be easy to match with each other to be able to vary your outfits. How many times has it happened that you think “now I should be a little daring” buy a garment you don’t really feel comfortable with, use once and then hang in the bottom of the closet? Therefore we always try to design clothes that stays over time.

We have also thought of three different parts with our collections:

  • Everyday life

  • Training

  • Competition


For everyday use we think classy but most important: comfy.  Since our cloths are used in stable we know that the clothes quickly get dirty, which means that you need a shirt change often in a stable week. It should be basic, neat and comfortable. Of course, the choice of clothes reflects on the season, but as we approach the spring. Tip is that ALWAYS put a garment with absorbent and quick-drying material closest to the body. This is to prevent you from getting cold after exercise.

Long or short sleeves depends on your personal taste. AMY is a short sleeve t-shirt while FANNIE is a long sleeve. Both have the same material and function. Well suited to use closest to the body. Over the shirt we like to have ARIANA or HAILEY hoodie. Both stylish and comfortable. Our hoodies are SPRING news that have become very popular in short time!

When it comes to breeches, we choose our bestsellers and favorites, LUNA GRIP FUNCTION BREECHES. Equipped with pockets for practical mobile storage on both thighs. High waist for the best comfort. The best thing about this outfit is that it works both in stable and like a perfect running outfit. Tips for all stable girls with a tight schedule! 😉


    For training, many people like to choose an extra stylish outfit. Obviously, it works just as well and have the same everyday life as for training but as we said, many like to take on something extra for exercise.

    When it comes to training breeches we recommend both ZOEY and ZIA. Equipped with belt holders. How nice is it to have breeches, belt and tucked shirt? For training we would like to recommend, PAIZLEY or BRENDA with half-zip and polo collar. It depends on your personal taste if you like to have a shirt under or not. These shirts are in same material as our t-shirts which means that they breathes and absorbs sweat well.  Makes them to an excellent “closest to the body alternative”. At the same time we know that several of you like to put an AMY top under. Now when it’s still a bit coold outside, we recommend a FREYA SLIM FIT VEST over as a body warmer.

    When it comes to belts we have 10 different colors you can choose from. You either match both your selves and your horse with belt and browband. Or why not with the horse’s saddle pad. It’s possible to be really creative and get a nice touch to their outfit.


      When it comes to competition outfits, we have taken our popular AMY t-shirts and developed them into competition tops. So it’s the same material and lines but we have set a white polo shirt with buttons that stays in place under the showjacket. The tops have also been given a white line on the back. It’s all about the details! Because the material is so stretchy, the tops stay in place tucked into the breeches. Choose between grey (NOUR), black (STELLA) or pink (GRACE) top.

      The one and only choice for competition breeches is our IZA pants with a belt that matches the remaining parts of your outfit. As it currently stands, we “only” have white breeches and competition tops, but who knows what will appear in the future * flash *.

        We hope you got some inspiration. Next week we enter March, which means more spring news. Keep your eyes open! Please email us at if you have any thoughts or ideas about what you would like to read about here.

        We wish you a fantastic weekend! <3

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