Hi everybody, Madelene owner / founder here. We’re now going into the month of March and the competition season is starting for real. Finally! After a whole winter in long chaps and cover pants, we can finally begin to ride in “just breeches”. Since the season starts for real for most of you mow, it’s probably a few of you who have checked into your competition wardrobe and feels like “stop, this is not working for one more season.”

 When we have designed and developed our competition clothes we have prioritized comfort, good design and good features. Like in all our clothes, the competition clothes are in 4-way stretch. 4-way-stretch makes the material follow the body in a completely different way. You know the feeling when you stretch your arms forward and the sweater starts tightening in the back? That feeling never arises with 4-way stretch.


Competition tops

I personally always have problems with the last button on the competition tops. I almost panic and it feels like I have hard breathing. Here I think half of you will understand my feeling and half will think “what is she talking about”. 😉  I have almost always ridden with the last button open or maybe I closed it at the last second. I just don’t feel comfortable with tight polo shirts. Therefore, it felt particularly important when we developed the competition tops to find an alternative to have a button for the collar. Instead, we chose a material that stands by itself and a cut that holds together the collar without a button. On the chest we put pearl-imitation buttons as a nice detail that is visible under the showjacket. We chose to keep the same type of lines as it’s on our t-shirts . It’s not only stylish, it gives you a nice bodyshape.


Something that is also very nice with our competitiontops is that they stay stuffed in the pants. It is otherwise an annoyance that often happens. Because today’s showjackets are very slim, we have chosen to keep the competition top very slim so that it will not appear under the jacket.

The competition top collection has now grown to 3 different colors gray, black and pink. If I’m going to guide you a little in the size selection then I would say if you choose between two sizes you should take the bigger one. Just because they are in 4-way stretch and a slimfit model.

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