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About us

MAYA DELOREZ is a Swedish brand with a clear vision- we want to offer a unique range of high quality training clothes for the active rider. We design riding clothes, as riding clothes should be. After thousands of years riding in thick materials and using breeches with a uncomfotable hard waist, we are now breaking new ground. It´s time to step up and adjust the clothes to the sport.

All our clothes are made in a material that has a four-way stretch, breathable with a quick dry function, pockets for storage and a design that is appealing. Our goal is to develop high quality functional clothes for equestrians all over the world.

The most important thing for us is the function. We know the tough enviroment that riding clothes is exposed to, we also now how hard-working all thousands of girls who works in stables are. Our clothes are designed for training and hard work. The four-way stretch makes sure that the clothes follows the body regardless of the movement. The breathing function all of our clothes has makes you sweat during exercise, and then get dry quick again.

We have choosen to only sell trough our own website and not to have any intermediaries. This makes it possible for us to give our costumers a good price without having to compromise on quality. It also gives us total controll over the whole process. We don´t wait for the equestrian sport to develop, we want to develop the sport.


CEO & Founding director Madelene Törnblom was born in raised in a small town outside Uppsala in Sweden. Without any previous experience of running a business or designing clothes, she decided in 2017 to start her own brand at 21 years old.

She combined her interest from childhood with the desire to create something of her own to become an international brand that sells worldwide in just one year.



Everything actually started after selling one of the horses in the stable. I´ve been riding since childhood. Always been extremely intrested in horses and everything that it involves. I started to get intrested in working with young horses early. Without any major experience we bought an 3 year old from Germany 2016 after seeing the horse on a video. It was a skinny little horse that arrived with the truck that cold December night. I broke the horse and trained it on my own and later on startet to compete. The longer the time went on, we started to realize that this was a really nice horse. After 2 years we sold her and made a profit. I am a restless person, I like when things happens and are rarely satisfied. I saw this money as a perfect start-up capital for something. Thoughts began to fly, what should I do now?


I identified a hole in the market and saw an umcoming trend. I felt that it was possible to develop the market even futher. I have always had problem with stable clothes. I thought it was hard to find clothes that was both comfortable and stylish. I never understood why we are still riding in thick, unstreatchy cotton material while other sports are developing new technology material all the time. Why don´t we optimize out equipment to maximize our performance? I sat down thinking and then decided. I will start my own brand. Early in the process, I decided that I wanted a girls name. And i wanted it to bo unique so it couldn´t be mixed up with any other brand. Late one night I sat in the couch and googled ”unusual girl name” and I found it- MAYA DELOREZ, MD. I knew right away when I saw it that it was what I´ve been searching for.


The design was already in my head, now it was just to bring it down to paper and find the right factory. In January the first samples arrived and in February we placed the first order. We launched in May 2018 and after one month we had SOLD OUT several products. The feeling was unreal.

The response on the products has been above all our expectations. I couldn´t believe in my wildest imagination that we would establish ourselves so quickly in such a competitive market. We went from 0 to over 50 products in less than 1 year. MAYA is now on it´s second year and has revolutionized the traditional thinking around riding clothes and has given a new image of breeches. We are not afraid to change and new thinking.

Maya has since day one been one of my biggest passion in life. I’ve always had a clear picture of what I want to create. We have come a bit on the way but we have a long way to go. I want to take Maya to one of the world’s leading equestrian companies. With the big goal in mind, the entire team of Maya works hard every day to get us there. To deliver them the best riding clothes on the market to our customers.

We want to set trends, break new ground and challenge the old thinking. We are ready, are you?