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Learn more about our breeches

Already from the start our popular breeches has become MAYA DELOREZ signum and they are now being used by riders all over the world. Our breeches are made the way we think all breeches shuld be, designed and adapted for sport. We know how though the job in the stable can be, so we have worked really hard on finding a material with both great quality and all the functions that are required.

Our breeches are designed in two different categories, FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE. We like to look at our FUNCTION breeches as the best option for your everyday life, while our PERFORMANCE breeches suits perfect for training, competition and as the name describes them, performance.



We guarantee you that this will be your new favorites in the wardrobe. Our popular signature line with a simple but stylish design. Two mobile phone pockets, extra high waist, and a magical four-way stretch material. Choose between a full seat grip, half seat grip or no grip at all, whatever suits you and your requests the best. This is the perfect breeches to wear every day and it will be hard to choose something else.



Forget all that you have known before about breeches. Our PERFORMANCE line will definitely change the way you used to think about breeches. A combination of great quality, function and design. Unique details that provides to a luxurious feeling all combined with the biggest trend in the sport at the moment, breeches in function material.  Has a unique four-way stretch material that gives an outstanding fit and adapts to all different types of bodies. Mobile phone pocket on the thigh. Choose between a full seat grip and a half seat grip. These breeches will give you the ultimate feeling of competition and performance.


We always listen to your needs and intended use before we recommend you which one of our models we think you should choose. Of course, you can use breeches from both our two categories at all different occasions, it´s just a matter of taste. But we have seen a clear trend among our clients that most of them prefer our FUNCTION breeches for riding and working at home, and when it´s time for training and competition they go for the PERFORMANCE breeches. We like to agree with that, it´s always a nice feeling to put on a couple of great looking breeches when it´s time for a special training or competition.

Whether you choose our FUNCTION or PERFORMANCE breeches we are convinced that you have found a pair of new favorites in your wardrobe. If you have any more questions you are always welcome to contact us so that one of our costume service agents can give you all the help that you need for you to find your new perfect pair of breeches.

What kind of grip should you choose?

All our breeches comes in both kneepatch grip and fullseat grip. It’s a matter of taste what kind of grip you prefer. But normally dressage riders choose fullseat grip and showjumping riders go for breeches with a kneepatch grip.

If you are a rider in the beginning of your career we usually recommend breeches with a fullseat grip, to give you some extra security in the saddle.