Can't decide between fullseat or knee patch silicone?

No problem, we will help you! Normally, those who ride a lot of dressage or is a allround rider often want to have full grip.

Showjumpers prefer in the most cases knee patch silicone for free movement and easy contact with the saddle.

If you are a junior rider in the beginning of your career, we recommend full grip.

If you want personalized advice, you’re welcome to contact our customer service for individual recommendation.

Is the size different between products?

Yes the sizes is a little bit different between different products. Each product has a description where you can read more about the fit and recommendation around sizes. You can adjust the size selection to your own wishes. If you want looser fit or slim fit. Many of our tops, for example, is a slim fit model and if you want little more space you can go up one size and still have a nice fit.
Read through the product descriptions and have this guide for support. We’re sure that you will find a size that fits you perfectly. Of course, if you have any questions you’re welcome to contact our customer service team that can help you!

Do you have sizes for kids?

We don’t have a separate kids-collection. However, our smallest size is XXS, which is worn by many customers who normally have from 140 in kids-size.

This allows you to become one of Team Maya Delorez early in your career. The advantage of our riding clothes is the stretchy material that makes it easy to grow in the clothes without having to buy new ones directly.

We obviously hope that in the future we can expand with more sizes to be able to offer even the smallest riders our riding clothes.